Slot History

The first slot machine was nothing like the slot machine we have in the present day. The first slot machine was designed by Pitt and Sittman in New York at around 1891. The first slot machine had five drums. The five drums displayed poker hands. The first slot machine did not have the mechanism of paying you for your winnings. What happened was, those who owned slot machines were the once that paid you for your winnings, for instance giving you free drinks.

The next slot machine was made in the basement of Charles Fey’s house. This kind slot machine is still not the same as what we have now. It was very heavy, weighing around 100 pounds of cast irons. There were also no fruit symbols, unlike what we have now. He used the signs you would find from cards which are spades and diamonds as well as signs such as stars and horseshoes. Years later, the slot machine that he invented was placed in the Flamingo Hilton hotel in Las Vegas. The slot machine made by Fey was called the Liberty Bell. It gave 5 percent pay out to its winners.

After the success of Liberty Bell, Fey then made the Operator Bell slot machine. The Operator Bell used fruit designs. This served as the basis of the slot machines that followed. The slot machines by Fey were eventually made as somehow similar to vending machines. But the time came when sentiments against slot machines rose. In 1909, slot machines where declared illegal in San Francisco. Nevada followed suit the next year. 1911 came and slot machines were banned in California.

It was Bugsy Siegel who invested much on slot machines. He invested much on slot machines to keep the wives and girlfriends of his rich clients busy. He owned the Flamingo Hilton hotel. He did not take the slot machines seriously, but only saw it as a way to pass time. But the girlfriends and wives took the games seriously.

Then, there came the slot machines which were already electric. They were not yet in perfect shape but were already harder to cheat than the mechanical ones. After that, the seventies came and the usage of microchips was introduced as well as the random number generators that determine how the reels will spin. Nowadays, there are already online slots which can be easily accessed from the comforts of your home.